Richard A. Shaw

Vice President, Operations

Proven leader, change agent, team builder, expert in process and performance improvement, contracting, business analytics, technology integration, knowledge management, and strategic planning.  Rick currently serves as Vice President, Northport Affiliates, LLC in the development, evaluation, analysis, and implementation of strategies for private sector and government organizations.

Mr. Shaw provides expert counsel, advice, and guidance to senior level executives in solving complex challenges across a broad spectrum of areas to include leader influence within organizations; construction and implementation of organization-wide initiatives and programs; mass collaboration; knowledge management; organizational and social change; program justification, audit, and funding; and performance measurement and optimization.

He has served in the private sector as a consultant, senior program executive, and senior program manager -- leading, developing, and managing programs and services to the federal government.

As military officer, he served in a wide-range of assignments from infantry, budget analyst, operations research, procurement, Six Sigma Black Belt, and as a principal advisor to several Presidentially-appointed officials within the Department of Defense and civilian federal government agencies, working across a diverse range of issues and challenges.

Mr. Shaw has been instrumental in supporting the Army’s pioneering efforts to make bold reductions in military sexual assaults -- building the contractor support team and strategy to educate and train Army Soldiers and civilians around the world, as well as, supporting the development of critical policy, guidance, budget justification, benefit cost analyses, manpower planning, and tools for carrying-out the Army’s efforts.

Mr. Shaw has lead, developed, and built programs and teams to carry-out initiatives to reduce military expenditures in programs up to $1B in size; applying Six Sigma performance optimization strategies; developing manpower contingency plans; advising and guiding change management within federal government agencies and the private sector; and assisting in the restructuring of large-scale procurement initiatives, measures, and metrics for multiple agencies of the federal government.

Mr. Shaw received his BS Degree in Administrative Justice and his MS Degree in Technology Management from George Mason University and is a graduate of the Army Logistics Management Course.